"Troubled Wine" - Your Box Will Buzz!

Just three of Pennsylvania's sons out to ROCK this World as we know it!

Strohly - Vocals and Guitar

Frohny - Bass and Backing Vocals

Jim - Drums and Backing Vocals


It all began the summer of 1989. Four souls gathered. By the powers of the universe, Tounge N Groove was born. Four "Hair Band" influenced musicians began culminating, experimenting and mixing what would become...music. Of course, what did you think I was going to say? Duh... Anyway, Their first gig was in Bethlehem,Pa at a club called Lupo's. Soon shows around the Lehigh Valley would follow. Writing was almost automatic. The music they loved to play became the music they wanted to write. With a little TNG Twist to it. Time and bandmates came and gone. Only two remained. Over a dozen songs written. The spirit still alive. By 1997 it became clear that change was in the air. The two would begin shaping what would be a new start. A fresh perspective.